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What can the mLine™ Platform do for you?

The mLine™ Platform makes common language texts and messages useful. How? By providing a turnkey solution where plain language messages can be integrated into your business systems and processes. The result is that employees and customers can send any type of message (SMA, MMS) to your organization. The message is processed by our mLine™ platform and then submitted to your integrated enterprise systems. Many business tasks can be automated:

  • Reducing inbound telephone calls
  • Increasing operational efficiencies
  • Improving customer satisfaction

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Message Portal

Human interaction is good. The Message Portal empowers Homo Sapiens to view, reply, comment, route and manage all messages sent. Humans can interact, correct or supplement any automated conversation.

Language Translation

The mLine™ Platform seamlessly translates 50+ languages between you and your customers in real time.

Intelligent Assistant

When necessary, our intelligent assistant will analyze incoming requests and provide you with suggestions on how to best assist your customer.

Automated Responses

The system identifies keywords, phrases, and user intent and automatically responds to customers with predefined responses.

Messsage Routing

Custom keywords and client/agent association rules are used to automatically route requests or messages to the appropriate department and/or personnel.

Conversation Retention

All conversations are tracked, indexed, archived, and easily retrieved for records retention, retrieval, and over-sight requirements.

Why work with us?

MessageUX specializes in enterprise level integrations and inbound message handling via the power of the mLine™ Platform. We take care of all the details for messaging solutions:

  • Turnkey solution. Everything you need to make messages work for you. We take care of the technical details of network, phone number, message handling and integration. We speed up your development timeline and reduce your costs.
  • One 10 digit Number (mLine™ number). Your mLine™ number is owned and controlled by your organization. Gone are personal cell phone numbers for business use, lost text messages, and slow response times.
  • Easy API Integration. The mLine™ Platform provides a REST API to handle message content and data delivery to and from your systems and the customer.
  • One Business Solution. We are your partner in success. One comprehensive bundle of services, one billing relationship and a knowledgeable team to support your needs. We succeed when you succeed!

What our customers are saying.

"This is an easy to use program when trying to schedule inspections via text. mLine is a time saver for the contractors and I when we get busy with phone calls. They text and I know exactly what they want to schedule because of the way the text comes in. Also, it is a great way to communicate with the contractors regarding inspections, conditions or anything else that might be going on with the permit."

Tamara - Permit Technician

"I truly find it super convenient and accessible; also, response time is awesome."

John - Building Contractor

"I love the texting option. I like the promptness of the replies (automatic)."

Susan - Building Contractor

Common Use Cases & Ideas

Government agencies

  • Field Inspection scheduling
  • Customer service requests
  • Code Compliance requests
  • Automated appointment scheduling
  • Plans Review interactive communication
  • Automated frequently asked questions
  • Public meeting comments (before, during, after)
  • Conversation sharing/routing among departments

Small and Large Businesses

  • Immediate notification and personal response to messaging
  • Enable your business to seamlessly communicate in multiple languages
  • Order forms submittals
  • Conversation sharing to multiple groups/individuals
  • Automated response to frequently asked questions
  • Appointment setting
  • Track and Analyze text conversations between customers and your business

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